About me

HEY!!!!!!! *extremely wide smiley face*

I’m Ijeme Bare, a self-taught Nigerian contemporary dancer with the dream of going professional someday and it probably sounds insanely weird but my dream is to be one of the most prominent contemporary dancers. I want to put Africa on the map. We are NOT known to be contemporary dancers.

I started dancing at 19 which is, ideally, not as early as I should have. With no dance teacher or school nearby, I took on the responsibility of teaching myself and hoping I was doing the right thing. I spent every day trying and trying, not knowing whether I was getting it right or wrong because I had no one to correct me. All I had was the gift of the internet. I watched dancers that I admired and tried to learn from them. I watched tutorials on YouTube, practiced day and night just to score a routine or master a technique.

My ultimate goal is to be able to speak through dance, not just tell stories. When they watch me dance, they should feel my thoughts and emotions. I want to create a feeling in them that cannot be put into words, because WORDS ARE OVERRATED.

Here, I’d be sharing every milestone, every success, every rejection, every heartbreak and most of my plans. This journey is not an easy one. I get depressed, frustrated, injured and discouraged but this is my dream and i can’t seem to let it go.

I’m hoping that in a very odd way, this blog serves as an inspiration to anyone who reads it… Not just to dancers who started late but to anyone who feels like it’s too late to start…

Ijeme Bare