You Think You’re Having A Slow Start?

You Think You’re Having A Slow Start?

Happy New Year guys! I have been off for a while and that is partially due to the fact that I’m still learning this blogging lifestyle. 2020 is finally here! And for people like me who have been waiting for this new decade, we’ve had plans. But right now, in the last week of January, I feel like I’m having a slow start. I mean, in December, I had only planned for the first two weeks in January. And before you judge me with the whole ‘what kind of person only plans for January?’ . Lemme explain.

For me specifically, I threw myself into a frenzy of planning and preparing for the year when I’ll finally blow (that’s 2020 *wink wink*). And unlike everyone else, a dancer like me who has dreams of unimaginable growth, ‘planning and preparing’ doesn’t necessarily mean sitting with a book and pen and writing my goals (which of course, is necessary). But for me, it meant prepping my body for what I had planned for the year. And just in the first week of January, I had three deadlines to meet. It was crazy. For the first two weeks of January, I was in the studio every day training and prepping my body for the deadlines. It was hell but I was determined.

Now here’s the thing about the human body: there’s a difference between pushing yourself and straining yourself and you have to discover the point where you don’t just think you’re pushing yourself. You have to listen to your body and know when to stop and take a break. You have to know when your body needs to pushed and when it needs to be left alone. In my case, I’ve been so lucky that I don’t really need to stop and listen to my body, my body just stops me from going further. It sounds crazy but my body and I have come to an understanding… When I have pushed too hard, in that moment, I feel nothing, no pain, no cracks, nothing. But when I have to get up the next day, it literally becomes a battle to get up from my bed, walking becomes a chore and that’s how I know that I need to take it easy. It might seem weird, but when I feel this way, it’s not a bad thing, my body is just telling me to slow down. It means that when my body rests and feels better, I’m ready to move to the next step. I’m usually addicted and intoxicated by that kind of pain. It means I’m on the verge of improvement.

But for these two weeks, I totally ignored my body when it was giving me warning signs. I endured the pain and went along with training because, in my mind, I couldn’t afford to miss those deadlines. I had worked so hard for it. So I kept on training, I kept on prepping my body. And I did, in fact, meet all three deadlines, thankfully. However, the moment I completed all three tasks, my whole body fell apart. I spent and entire day dealing with a strained muscle on my right thigh which healed quite quickly. However, walking became an issue because I had pulled a muscle on the sole of my left foot which made sense. I mean that was the foot I used to execute all my turns; my pirouettes, my floats, my fouettes and other turns I was learning. My left foot did most of the work when I executed these turns. It served as the balance, holding me in place. I would be standing on the ball of that foot while spinning so the muscle on the sole of that foot would be engaged.

I had to wrap my foot, tightly, in an elastic bandage to apply pressure so that when I walk, I don’t engage the muscles in the sole of my foot. It has been tough but I’ve been pushing through the pain: the physical pain and the pain of not listening to my body. This has lasted for almost two weeks. Hopefully, it heals soon. I need to get back to training. I have such big plans this year

Are you having a slow start? Or are you like me who kinda forced herself into this slow start? Tell me what your start is looking like in the comments.

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